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Pastor Drew was born in Hampton, Virginia, but was raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. He received his elementary and secondary education in Silver Spring, and Potomac Maryland. Surrounded by a large family who loves the Lord, and looks forward to the second coming of Christ, Pastor Drew learned to love the Lord for himself. He accepted Him as His Lord and Savior at a very young age, and began to show signs of willingness to be used by God in His service. His mother instilled in him a desire to work for the Lord in any capacity he was called to fulfill, and taught him the importance of being ready and willing to do whatever God called him to do. During his senior year in a public High School, Pastor Drew received the call from the Lord to take part in ministry. In obedience, Pastor Drew accepted the Lord’s call and in 2007 he entered Oakwood University to pursue a degree in Theology. Upon graduation from Oakwood in 2011, Pastor Drew was hired by the Allegheny West Conference and was sponsored to attend the Andrews University Theological Seminary. Upon graduating from Andrews University in 2013 with a Master of Divinity degree, he began serving in active Pastoral ministry. He says, his greatest accomplishment came on August 12, 2012, when he married the love of his life; the former Lillian Ware of Cleveland, Mississippi. Pastor Drew has a sincere love for people and his deepest desire is to be used by God to win as many souls for the kingdom as possible.
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