Bethany Seventh-day Adventist Church

Charlottesville | VA


By: Pastor Nathaniel Drew
            It was graduation weekend at Oakwood University. People traveled from both near and far just to partake in the festivities of the weekend. Parents, siblings, cousins, aunties and uncles all came for what was expected to be an amazing time! And for mostly everyone, the weekend was nothing short of amazing. However, the same couldn’t be said for my mother-in-law. It was Sabbath morning when her weekend changed for the worst. She got up that morning, enjoyed the delicious hotel breakfast and proceeded to get dressed for the day. She was finally all ready to go, and as she headed outside, she realized that she was missing one final touch. As a result of the scorching Huntsville, Alabama heat, she put on her sunglasses. Now to hear her tell it, she’s not a person who chooses to wear sunglasses often, but it was something about that day that made her feel like she needed her sunglasses. And unbeknownst to her, that was one of the best decisions she made that day! As she stepped out of the car to head inside for church, she somehow lost her footing and fell flat on her face. Falling face first into the pavement would have been horrible in and of itself; however, there happened to be a metal plate that was sticking up out of the ground. She slammed, face first, right into the metal plate! Her injuries included a concussion, a 2.4 laceration on her head that had to be glued shut, a busted lip, and a bruised knee. What good could’ve come from a situation this bad? Well remember the sunglasses she put on? After her fall, she noticed that the right lens of her sunglasses was scuffed up greatly. It turns out; her sunglasses were the only thing that protected her right eye from catastrophic injury! Somehow, the sunglasses remained intact on her face throughout the fall, and protected her eyes. Thank God she decided not to leave the hotel without her sunglasses. However, I wonder how many of us make it a habit of leaving home without our sunglasses. And no, I don’t mean sunglasses, I mean SONglasses; in other words, Jesus Christ! How many times have we left our homes without making sure we put on the protection of Jesus? In just a split second, we could have a car accident, be mugged by a robber, or fall on a metal plate. We have no way of knowing what awaits us as we go throughout our day. The best thing we could ever do is, everyday, make sure we pray for the protection of Jesus. We should make sure we never start our day without choosing to put on our SONglasses! Psalm 46:1 says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” What better protection could we have than the protection of God? So I ask you, have you put on your SONglasses today? If not, you should; for your very life could depend on it!
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Michael Williams
2015-05-19 2:40 AM

There is no better helper than Jesus Christ the Son of the living God.