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On behalf of Bethany’s Treasury Department, welcome to our online giving page.
  My name is Anna Williams, and I would like to introduce you to our online giving portal. It is offered for those wishing to have the convenience of supporting God's work online.
The site is secure and allows you the convenience of supporting God's work and this church from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. Thank you for supporting our church and enabling us to help touch many lives for God through your giving. At the completion of each transaction you can print a tax deductible receipt.

Conference Funding: These funds go to the conference.
            Tithes, AWC Campground, Annual Harvest, World Budget, Breath of Life, Missions, Adra, Oakwood University, Washington Adventist University, Investment, Birthday-Thanks Offering, Temperance, 13th Sabbath Offering

Local Church Funding:
These funds stay with the local church.
           Church Budget/Expense, Local Sabbath School Expense, Community Service, Conference Development, Building Fund, Gifts for Jesus, Poor Fund, AYS or any other special offering noted on the online giving page
Anna Williams, Treasurer

Shirley Smith, Assistant Treasurer